Monday, 18 July 2011

Allergic Reactions

I caught part of a TV documentary yesterday where they were discussing various allergies. One expert said the reason why people suffer from hay fever is because they are allergic to grass. Another woman, whose son is allergic to nuts, said she has to scrutinise everything she buys to ensure there are no nuts. Even if there is a trace, the boy has a bad reaction.

When I was child, I used to be allergic to gold. As soon as I wore gold earrings, my ears would develop pus and I would have to remove them. My mother tells me she was also allergic to gold.

My older brother can't eat fruits as he says they make him sick, but when he drinks them as juice he's fine.

Are allergies real or are they simply beliefs people share and even inherit?

I believe allergies arise from the belief that something can be both good and bad at the same time. That's why the boy in the documentary is allergic to nuts, which many people find good and enjoyable, myself included; or I could have been allergic to gold when millions of people wear them all the time; or my brother can be allergic to fruits, which billions of people enjoy.

What worked for me was I gave up the belief that something can be both good and bad and believed in Love's omnipresence instead. In other words, I believe I not only live and have my being in Infinite Love, I believe all things are made of Love whether they appear as nuts, gold, or fruits. Love is not good and bad; Love can only love. That's why, if I choose to, I could wear gold earrings without having an "allergic" reaction though I don't have any gold jewellery as I don't particularly like gold. I prefer jewellery that are made of silver or other kinds of material.

But surely there are things that are harmful? What about nettles, which usually sting? Something that stings can't possibly be love?

A while back, I watched a documentary on television about people who had entered this competition to eat as many nettles as they possibly could. They didn't find the nettles unpleasant. I have been able to reverse stings from nettles by reminding myself that that I walk in love and I'm surrounded by love. I can now enjoy my walks without worrying about nettles as I see them as my friend.

When all is said and done, each of us has to choose what we believe in.

Do I choose to believe in a universe of good and evil and worry about foods that I eat and whether I'm going to be allergic to stuff?; or

Do I choose to believe in a universe where all is good and loving and I am perfectly safe wherever I am and no matter what I choose to eat?

That's a no-brainer really - I choose to live in freedom and joy.

Love is all there is.


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